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Today I am another year older and another year wiser.  My past has everything to do with me being where I am today and I have just started to see what I want out of life.  I often contemplate the many paths I can take and get stuck in my head fanticizing about my future.  Every birthday I like to relfect on the previous year to see how far I’ve come.  It’s amazing how in such a short amount of time so many things can change.  I have had people leave my life and so many more enter it.  The ones that have left served their purpose and I learned from those relationships, however, the new ones excite me and have had a large impact on me whether they know it or not.  This point in my timeline is significant because I’m starting a brand new chapter. I hope I inspire people as much as they have inspired me, I’m so excited for what my future holds. I hope everyone looks at their birthdays this way, it’s refreshing and empowers me to keep going.


Welcome to Love It Madly! I have always wanted to write a blog but never set aside the time or really had a focus on what I would blog about.  This past year has been my first year living as an adult and let me just say it has been quite a journey.  Being in my early twenties is tough, but I know this is the beginning of a beautiful chapter of my life.  I’m from a small town in upstate New York and run a private farm. I went away to school in New York City where I developed my underlying love for fashion and anything creative.  While my first love is the equine world, I have found myself head over heels for the city and its abundance of life and art. I feel as though I have two separate worlds and it has been a struggle to piece the two together.  I have years of riding horses, training them and competing under my belt and although I left that for a little while (but never really did) I am bringing that back into my life as a primary focus.  I want to share that with the world and whoever my readers are, but also introduce the side of me that loves fashion and style.  Follow me as I photograph my life and what I wear.  This isn’t your normal fashion blog, this is going to be country girl meets the city but I want to be honest and real.  I hope you enjoy and here are some of my beloved animals who truly make my life complete.

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