Take Some Time

Isn’t it wild how much we focus on time?

I loved this waterfall and I thought as I was capturing the moment, how cool would it be to watch it slowly roll backwards.  Much like the way human beings reflect on the passage of time.  It can overlap in different ways, such as having the ability to look back, but as we do so time is still passing us by.

In the last few days this has been the topic of conversation, mainly with people who were older than me.  What I was hearing was in the process of aging fear sets in on how much time was lost, what could have been done in that period and how it went by so quickly.  It baffles me how we look at and measure time, because it can be so manipulative.  We can manipulate it ourselves.  Think about how sometimes when you fall alseep and have some obligation the next day, the time flies by and you feel a little bit robbed.  Then also think about how you could be doing some task you don’t necessarily like and the time drags out.  We can alter our feelings toward time, we can slow it down, speed it up, we look back, and we look forward.  I was getting this message because of my own conflict, but not in the way that I feel like I need to travel the world before I’m thirty.  More of the sense that I want to be careful not to fill my time doing things I won’t enjoy or that won’t benfit me.  I’m finding that our perception of it projected onto us by society is backwards.  I’m pressured to have a 9-5 corporate job in order to be successful and easily pay my bills.  It was when I listened to the conversations again in my head I heard what my counterparts were saying. They were telling me not to make the mistakes they had. They want me to grasp onto the present and do everything in my power to fulfill whatever it is that is calling out to me.



Objects May Be Farther Than They Appear



When walking in New York City, sky scrapers like The Freedom Tower or The Empire State Building seem like a short distance away but in reality they are miles from where you are standing. And not knowing exactly how to get there you feel like you could almost leap across the city and end up right where you wanted to be.  This isn’t possible though, there is a path that must be traveled, and depending on what chaos may be going on, the path could change abruptly and then the journey is longer than you thought it would be.  When the destination is reached, however, you stand in awe gasping at the architecture stretching toward the sky. In that moment you’re happy you’ve finally made it.

Much like following a dream, the city is an illusion in the way that dreams are right there, in your line of view, so attainable, yet the journey is yet to be tackled. My sight is not always clear, but I see and feel the outcome of my dreams.  I take the highs with the lows, cherish the things that were hard and those that were blissful, because every piece of my journey has its lessons and its rewards.

I walked the Williamsburg Bridge hoping to capture the skyline on a Saturday night, but much to my dismay, I had to peer through the slats and the grates of the bridge. Ironic, like going after a dream, my vision was clouded by the bridge.  The end result was just beyond what was right in front of me.




Have you ever woken before the sun without any obligations, and took the time to admire how a day unfolds. The sun gradually illuminates the earth, and everything begins to come out of its slumber. I contemplated going back to sleep, but how many opportunites are there to truly not have anything to do and just capture that moment.


IMG_2595 IMG_2475IMG_2574 (2)IMG_2639 (2)
I could spend all my time in nature if I had the choice.  I have always lived secluded from the world, and observed it from afar.  Not to say I haven’t ventured out, but the tranquility of being on my own surrounded by everything natural is what I need to recharge my energy. There is this incredible balance, so much peace and absolutely no tension.  My horse casually munches his hay and tiny little birds flutter in and out of his space, but he remains unbothered.  They have a common understanding of each other, no words spoken, no sudden moves, just living in equilibrium.  It is in these moments I think about my true path and the legend I want to leave behind. This life is so much bigger than what we make it out to be. I hope whoever is out there reading this can relate to me, or at least see that taking a moment to slow down and appreciate life can bring so much more into it.

Hello Fall



IMG_2411Today was over ninety degrees but something felt different.  I know most people mark the beginning of fall with the first of September, however fall doesn’t begin with simply a date. The air is changing and the angle of the sun is different as the earth continues its orbit around it. But looking around me I see apples are ripening on the trees, the last of the summer flowers are in bloom and it won’t be long before they fade away.  As I breathe in the smell of this new season I am embracing the change.







IMG_2090On my day off I had this desire to go to the beach. It was incredibly impulsive but I just wanted to do it, so I grabbed a towel, threw on my bikini and drove three hours to the jersey shore.  The car ride may seem long to most people but, for me, I love being alone with my thoughts and listening to some good music.  It was exactly what I needed and in a time where I have been constantly searching for answers I am beginning to realize the search is pointless and I just need to live my life.  The ocean is peaceful yet so intense with the way the waves pound onto the earth. It’s actually quite ironic and that is what I love about it. The sound of the waves, the seagulls calling and the sand beneath my feet brought me back down to earth again.  I loved every second and I would do it again.

A Piece of Me








Transitioning is a significant part of life.  I am so young but feel strongly about it since I’ve been through some major transitions in my life so far.  This year however, I am going through an even greater transition than anything I have ever experienced before.  It was really a pipe dream, something I knew was going to happen but could never understand the reality of it.  At this point my focus is to remain happy and peaceful.  So many things are changing and unfortunately a little faster than I would like.  I feel as if a part of my soul is being removed while I begin to say goodbye to my happy little farm in upstate New York.  I love it so deeply and passionately but if I am to keep moving forward this piece will have to be left behind.  I have to remind myself that nothing in life is permanent, which is so over-said (is that a word?) but I truly believe it. My life on this earth is not permanent and the same goes for others’ lives, therefore what else could possibly be permanent? We are ever evolving, changing our minds, hopes, fears and desires.  Going with my gut and listening to my instincts help me understand this evolution.  I may be leaving my little farm now, and I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to say goodbye, but I will always have my horse and someday another happy little farm.  For now my journey is really just beginning and I will keep you involved in every step and every epiphany I have along the way.

The Bigger Picture

IMG_1302 IMG_1318 IMG_1319 IMG_1331 IMG_1332 IMG_1334It’s days like these I wish I could live over and over again.  There is something about being outside that makes me feel whole; everyday I am fascinated.  We often take this for granted because we lead such busy lives and can’t stop to see what is going on around us.  I try to take a moment, even a fraction of a minute to appreciate what is in front of me. It keeps me grounded, then reminds me there is more to life than what society is telling me to do.  That is probably why I enjoy riding my horses so much, I let my mind escape me and run wild with thoughts and daydreams.  I think about the horse underneath me and how he appreciates the tiniest treasures and he is so content.  I learn from him, to be kind and patient and he lets me onto his back to escape reality for a while.  There is so much more to life than what we are looking at, don’t miss it.


IMG_1047 IMG_1054

Today I am another year older and another year wiser.  My past has everything to do with me being where I am today and I have just started to see what I want out of life.  I often contemplate the many paths I can take and get stuck in my head fanticizing about my future.  Every birthday I like to relfect on the previous year to see how far I’ve come.  It’s amazing how in such a short amount of time so many things can change.  I have had people leave my life and so many more enter it.  The ones that have left served their purpose and I learned from those relationships, however, the new ones excite me and have had a large impact on me whether they know it or not.  This point in my timeline is significant because I’m starting a brand new chapter. I hope I inspire people as much as they have inspired me, I’m so excited for what my future holds. I hope everyone looks at their birthdays this way, it’s refreshing and empowers me to keep going.


Welcome to Love It Madly! I have always wanted to write a blog but never set aside the time or really had a focus on what I would blog about.  This past year has been my first year living as an adult and let me just say it has been quite a journey.  Being in my early twenties is tough, but I know this is the beginning of a beautiful chapter of my life.  I’m from a small town in upstate New York and run a private farm. I went away to school in New York City where I developed my underlying love for fashion and anything creative.  While my first love is the equine world, I have found myself head over heels for the city and its abundance of life and art. I feel as though I have two separate worlds and it has been a struggle to piece the two together.  I have years of riding horses, training them and competing under my belt and although I left that for a little while (but never really did) I am bringing that back into my life as a primary focus.  I want to share that with the world and whoever my readers are, but also introduce the side of me that loves fashion and style.  Follow me as I photograph my life and what I wear.  This isn’t your normal fashion blog, this is going to be country girl meets the city but I want to be honest and real.  I hope you enjoy and here are some of my beloved animals who truly make my life complete.

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