Faux Fur in Central Park

Coat: B.yu | Jeans: Kut from the Kloth | Boots: Frye

When I was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I bought this fur coat from a sample sale.  My friend had been working for a showroom in the garment district and brought me with her to investigate the sales.  We hopped from showroom to showroom, nothing really catching my eye.  I saw this coat, wanted it, negotitated, and brought it home just to sit in my closet for three winters.  I honestly forgot how much I loved it, and thought about all of its missed opportunities to make an appearance.  Let’s just say we have a better relationship now.  I couldn’t go without posting it and had snapped a few quick pics on an iPhone 5s in Central Park.


Published by

Love it Madly

Love it Madly is a personal fashion blog I started as a way to channel my creativity while figuring out the journey of young adulthood. I am a twenty something from a small farm in Upstate New York who recently lived New York City for a while chasing a dream. From a young age I have always loved style and clothes and even took pictures of my outfits in middle school, not realizing that blogs would eventually be a thing! What inspires me most are other people, their style and diversity, but also every aspect of nature herself. To love yourself and others in all forms is a significant part of this life, and something I continue to learn every day.

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