Top: Target | Leggings: Express

I love this city. I can feel buzzing energy all around me. Sometimes it makes me feel giddy like I could skip down the street as if I were ten years old again. It’s the kind of energy that sparks my imagination, a muscle not exercised enough by my day to day routine and I miss that portal of my mind. I’m back to work this week and relentlessly trying to figure out a way to balance the things I would like to do with the things I have to do, due to my responsibilities. Going for a walk, even if it’s the short distance between my apartment and the downtown train, brings an open field to my brain and a wider vision to my eyes where I start to think and see and imagine what’s ahead, what’s next and what’s right in front of me. You can walk down the same street every day and see something you haven’t before weather it’s your imagination or architecture you hadn’t recognized before.

On the final day of my staycation I went for a walk in Central Park starting at the very north end. I honestly wanted to make it relatively short just to get some fresh air but was inspired by the landscape and my feet kept going. With the momentum of my body syncing into a rhythm I couldn’t break, I began to think about how amazing this city is, how vast and beautiful it can be. Reminding me that many opportunities are ahead of me because I’ve already come this far.

I was gifted these leggings for Christmas, the whole mesh trend was something I needed to hop onto. When I’m not having to get dressed up I immediately go for something athleisure, I think it’s the equestrian in me because I would live in breeches and athletic tops all year round upstate. It’s comfortable and luckily this look is pretty common so for me to leave the house without actually having to go to a gym is highly acceptable.


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Love it Madly

Love it Madly is a personal fashion blog I started as a way to channel my creativity while figuring out the journey of young adulthood. I am a twenty something from a small farm in Upstate New York who recently lived New York City for a while chasing a dream. From a young age I have always loved style and clothes and even took pictures of my outfits in middle school, not realizing that blogs would eventually be a thing! What inspires me most are other people, their style and diversity, but also every aspect of nature herself. To love yourself and others in all forms is a significant part of this life, and something I continue to learn every day.

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