Enveloped in Ice








Are we an over saturated culture? Am I just another millennial who doesn’t want to work, or am I rebelling against this “American Dream” that my parents and their parents before them fought for. I see how far they have come, having beautiful children and beautiful homes but they live with a cloud of unhappiness that haunts them even when they feel something good. They go to jobs that are unfulfilling and they won’t leave because of the looming responsibility hung over their heads. What I used to think when I started my first real job out of college was ‘Oh my god why don’t these people go for something better? They have experience and knowledge they’re all fearful.’ Fearful yes, but also trapped, trapped by society’s chains of debt and illusions. Can I just express myself creativley and be happy? How do I step outide of the same situation my parents are in and flourish.  All of us could flourish, I can’t be so nieve to think that there has to be something more than that American dream. I see it. I do understand, however, that I would not be able to escape to the beauty of my family farm upstate if it weren’t for my parents’ hard work and dedication.  I do believe that beause of that I was able to grow into the person I am today. There are instances where they communicate their dreams to me before they became parents, expressing things they thought they would grow up to be, but life does take hold and things change.  When they tell me I can be whoever and whatever I want to be I take it seriously because I want them to be proud of the fact that I’ve taken my life into my own hands to become a truly happy and expressive individual.  I still want many of the same things they gave to me as a child, so I have not totally deserted that American Dream, I just want to do it differently.


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Love it Madly

Love it Madly is a personal fashion blog I started as a way to channel my creativity while figuring out the journey of young adulthood. I am a twenty something from a small farm in Upstate New York who recently lived New York City for a while chasing a dream. From a young age I have always loved style and clothes and even took pictures of my outfits in middle school, not realizing that blogs would eventually be a thing! What inspires me most are other people, their style and diversity, but also every aspect of nature herself. To love yourself and others in all forms is a significant part of this life, and something I continue to learn every day.

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