Spring on Paper, Still Feels Like Winter

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April has arrived, however the weather hasn’t followed suit. I did notice the grass was much greener and the horses are trying to shed their winter coats. I have not been able to give up wearing a coat yet, but I’m not really warm unless it’s a sunny, 85 degree day. On that note, the sun has been inviting me outside more and more and after a long day of running around and spending some quality time with my family I decided to take it all in.

Lately I’ve been caught in a whirlwind but also feel stagnant. Super ironic, but it’s funny how my surroundings haven’t changed very much in the last couple of years but the people, places and my job have. I’m in this sort of push and tug relationship with the universe. The next step is right in front of me all I have to do is hold my breath, close my eyes and leap.

Coat: BCBG | Top: Ralph Lauren | Bottoms: Nike | Shoes: Sperry


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