Take Some Time

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Isn’t it wild how much we focus on time?

I loved this waterfall and I thought as I was capturing the moment, how cool would it be to watch it slowly roll backwards.  Much like the way human beings reflect on the passage of time.  It can overlap in different ways, such as having the ability to look back, but as we do so time is still passing us by.

In the last few days this has been the topic of conversation, mainly with people who were older than me.  What I was hearing was in the process of aging fear sets in on how much time was lost, what could have been done in that period and how it went by so quickly.  It baffles me how we look at and measure time, because it can be so manipulative.  We can manipulate it ourselves.  Think about how sometimes when you fall alseep and have some obligation the next day, the time flies by and you feel a little bit robbed.  Then also think about how you could be doing some task you don’t necessarily like and the time drags out.  We can alter our feelings toward time, we can slow it down, speed it up, we look back, and we look forward.  I was getting this message because of my own conflict, but not in the way that I feel like I need to travel the world before I’m thirty.  More of the sense that I want to be careful not to fill my time doing things I won’t enjoy or that won’t benfit me.  I’m finding that our perception of it projected onto us by society is backwards.  I’m pressured to have a 9-5 corporate job in order to be successful and easily pay my bills.  It was when I listened to the conversations again in my head I heard what my counterparts were saying. They were telling me not to make the mistakes they had. They want me to grasp onto the present and do everything in my power to fulfill whatever it is that is calling out to me.



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