Objects May Be Farther Than They Appear



When walking in New York City, sky scrapers like The Freedom Tower or The Empire State Building seem like a short distance away but in reality they are miles from where you are standing. And not knowing exactly how to get there you feel like you could almost leap across the city and end up right where you wanted to be.  This isn’t possible though, there is a path that must be traveled, and depending on what chaos may be going on, the path could change abruptly and then the journey is longer than you thought it would be.  When the destination is reached, however, you stand in awe gasping at the architecture stretching toward the sky. In that moment you’re happy you’ve finally made it.

Much like following a dream, the city is an illusion in the way that dreams are right there, in your line of view, so attainable, yet the journey is yet to be tackled. My sight is not always clear, but I see and feel the outcome of my dreams.  I take the highs with the lows, cherish the things that were hard and those that were blissful, because every piece of my journey has its lessons and its rewards.

I walked the Williamsburg Bridge hoping to capture the skyline on a Saturday night, but much to my dismay, I had to peer through the slats and the grates of the bridge. Ironic, like going after a dream, my vision was clouded by the bridge.  The end result was just beyond what was right in front of me.


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Love it Madly

Love it Madly is a personal fashion blog I started as a way to channel my creativity while figuring out the journey of young adulthood. I am a twenty something from a small farm in Upstate New York who recently lived New York City for a while chasing a dream. From a young age I have always loved style and clothes and even took pictures of my outfits in middle school, not realizing that blogs would eventually be a thing! What inspires me most are other people, their style and diversity, but also every aspect of nature herself. To love yourself and others in all forms is a significant part of this life, and something I continue to learn every day.

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