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I could spend all my time in nature if I had the choice.  I have always lived secluded from the world, and observed it from afar.  Not to say I haven’t ventured out, but the tranquility of being on my own surrounded by everything natural is what I need to recharge my energy. There is this incredible balance, so much peace and absolutely no tension.  My horse casually munches his hay and tiny little birds flutter in and out of his space, but he remains unbothered.  They have a common understanding of each other, no words spoken, no sudden moves, just living in equilibrium.  It is in these moments I think about my true path and the legend I want to leave behind. This life is so much bigger than what we make it out to be. I hope whoever is out there reading this can relate to me, or at least see that taking a moment to slow down and appreciate life can bring so much more into it.


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