Hello Fall



IMG_2411Today was over ninety degrees but something felt different.  I know most people mark the beginning of fall with the first of September, however fall doesn’t begin with simply a date. The air is changing and the angle of the sun is different as the earth continues its orbit around it. But looking around me I see apples are ripening on the trees, the last of the summer flowers are in bloom and it won’t be long before they fade away.  As I breathe in the smell of this new season I am embracing the change.


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Love it Madly

Love it Madly is a personal fashion blog I started as a way to channel my creativity while figuring out the journey of young adulthood. I am a twenty something from a small farm in Upstate New York who recently lived New York City for a while chasing a dream. From a young age I have always loved style and clothes and even took pictures of my outfits in middle school, not realizing that blogs would eventually be a thing! What inspires me most are other people, their style and diversity, but also every aspect of nature herself. To love yourself and others in all forms is a significant part of this life, and something I continue to learn every day.

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